Two more months

I love my parents. I really do. They’ve done so much for me and I’m sincerely grateful for everything I’ve been blessed with, especially two wonderful figures guiding me towards the path to success. But honestly, these past few months have not been the best. I love my parents but at times I just really wish they would stop being so overprotective and clingy. They need to realize that I’m leaving soon, and they’re going to have to deal with it sooner than later.

The friends and memories I’ve made here are something I’ll never forget, but it’s high time that I experience something new and move on to bigger, better things. Living in a town with roughly 10,000 people for the past 7 years have already been 10 years too many. I need to experience new things and live my life as the responsible adult that my parents have taught me to be. 

My parents are both hard-core perfectionists and apparently that style of living is included when raising a child. Compared to everyone I’ve grown up around, I like to think of myself as a pretty decent human being. But no. Obviously they’re not going to rest until I’m the prettiest, most intelligent, good-mannered girl they know. I try so hard to please them, but nothing ever seems to be enough. 

I know this sounds like every typical Asian household problem, and it probably is. I’m just so sick of making my parents happy all my life that I’ve forgotten how to make myself happy. I have a 4.9 GPA, going into the Honors Medical Program at USF, studying to be a dermatologist. I’m pleasant to most and I’ve always put others before myself. If everyone else is happy with me, why can’t they be?

I just need college to be a fresh start, a clean palate for me. Though I will always love my parents, I’m never truly going to care for them until they can accept the fact that I’m done trying to please them.